We can support in helping you connect with yourself more authentically

Individual therapy

Psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies

This approach focuses on changing problematic behaviors, feelings, and thoughts by discovering their unconscious meanings and motivations.

Cognitive therapy

Cognitive therapy emphasizes what people think rather than what they do. Cognitive therapists believe that it's dysfunctional thinking that leads to dysfunctional emotions or behaviors.

Humanistic therapy

This approach emphasizes people's capacity to make rational choices and develop to their maximum potential. Concern and respect for others are also important themes.

Integrative or holistic therapy

Many therapists don't tie themselves to any one approach. Instead, they blend elements from different approaches and tailor their treatment according to each client's needs.

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What Individual Therapy Is All About

The difficulties you may be struggling with may involve sadness, insecurities, resentments, anger, (etc) based on your past or current situation. Maybe you feel anxious, scared, isolated, uncomfortable, “stuck,” and you may not feel as though you can fully reach out to anyone to get the type of support you’re truly needing. Your symptoms are most likely effecting your quality of relationships and your overall self-perception. Or… maybe you aren’t experiencing discomfort, but you want to enhance your overall quality of life… relationships included.

We can help with enhancing your level of self-awareness, that is crucial to deepening your connection with others and your relationship with yourself. You can expect to feel safe, supported and accepted in our sessions, while you create the necessary confidence in your authentic self. We help you explore your truth, while tackling the things that hold you back from feeling fulfillment in your life.

We can support you individually in helping you connect with yourself more authentically and deepen your relationships.

More specifically, we can help with:

Ready to connect with yourself more authentically

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