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Couples Therapy

Relationship Therapy

We strive to help you transform your relationship into a successful one through our expert relationship advice


Couples Therapy

We specialize in helping couples at any stage of the relationship wanting to enhance and deepen their connection.

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Individual Therapy

We support you individually in helping you connect with yourself more authentically and deepen your relationships.

Save Me From Addiction

We offer help when it comes to different forms of addictions, alcohol, smoking, hard drugs, masturbation, porn and other related support, and more.

Individual Therapy

Overcoming Depression

We can help fight your fears, depression, and loneliness. We know what it means to be depressed and lonely. Let’s put an end to this great discomfort.

Sex And Intimacy Therapy

Sex And Intimacy Therapy

We can support you in exploring more about your sexuality, gender identity, desires, and vulnerabilities around sex.

Queen E. Business woman

So far I've found Marvellous Freeman, inciteful and competent. Marvellous is a great counselor! He is very consistent, dependable, and extremely supportive. I am thankful to have had his support throughout 2021 as I faced many major life-changes, difficult workplace relationships, and anxiety and depression. he has taught me to use journaling, meditation, and everyday mindfulness to challenge negative thoughts and find something good about each day. I could not be more appreciative of the attention and support he has given me over the past year. Thank you,

Happiness Cok Nigeria

She is amazing! It's is like she gets me and I only had one session. I am hopeful about where the therapy goes! is super professional and supports my needs very well. During our sessions, she supports me with her wisdom and I find that I spend time the following days thinking about our sessions and how I can implement the variety of things I take away from the experience. As a result, I’m able to relate better with family members and be a better mom while also finding ways to balance my needs and self-care. Highly recommend!

Mr. Charles Togo

Johnny is a fantastic therapist. He listens and offers viable advice. I’ve been to therapy before, and it didn’t do much for me, however, Johnnywriterhas been a great listener, teacher, and friend. He has given me confidence at times where I felt like I’m at a very low point and helps me calm down my motor mind. Since starting Hisparadise therapy with him I have been able to already see an improvement in my life and I’m super grateful. I would recommend Johnnywriter and Hisparadisetherapy to anyone.

Comfort Arthur Senegal

Victoria has been incredibly helpful and insightful. I felt safe with her from the beginning and I’m so glad to have her support! Victoria is very easy to talk to and asks very good questions and provides good guidance and perspective. I felt lighter leaving the sessions with her - not even realizing I felt burdened. I also appreciated how she always returned to the goals I set out in the beginning. This was my first therapy experience and I’m grateful to have had it with Victoria.

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