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Ukeme Johnnywriter

Relationship/Marriage Therapist

Johnnywriter has tools to guide his clients in gaining clarity on what they want, what’s keeping them from achieving their goals, as well as designing the actionable steps to take them where they want to be. His ultimate goal as a Relationship Coach is to help others to flourish in loving relationships. Johnnywriter is highly compassionate and his experience led him to develop the ability to read between the lines and intuitively understand peoples' hearts and minds. He specializes in conflict resolution, couples counseling, relationship longevity strategies, and conscious sexuality.

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Blessing Blair

Relationship Therapist

A solution-oriented coach, Blessing has always been the go-to amongst her friends and family for relationship advice. Her analytical and curious mind helps her quickly dissect miscommunications and struggles and come up with a plan for recovery, whether that means moving on from a toxic relationship and rebuilding confidence or building up a plan for achieving your life vision. She creates personalized strategies for each of her clients, and specializes in creating ones that are centered around leading a balanced life, dating, emotional regulation and restoring ones self-confidence.

Meet Blessing

Marvelous Freeman

Marriage Therapist

Freeman’s passion for helping others and problem solving, paired with extensive prior professional experience in conflict resolution, could be the perfect combination to help you reach your relationship goals and full personal potential. His approach in coaching balances pragmatism, empathy and compassion, and is built on a strong foundation of honest communication with his clients. He specializes in recovery from breakups, and reconnecting with an ex. Whatever the case may be, Freeman knows he can offer a strong helping hand to those working through their personal challenges and towards a positive and fulfilling outcome.

Meet Freeman

Eboh Vivian

Relationship Counselor

With years of coaching experience under her belt, Vivian has successfully guided countless clients to a place of heightened awareness, allowing them to better themselves and their partners and ultimately achieve their relationship goals. She is driven by a genuine desire and passion to connect with those around her, and the fulfillment she receives from empowering others.

Meet Vivian

Nsisong James

Relationship Coach

Hi! My name is James, I am a Conscious Relationship Coach, and I help you to transform your relationship life so that you can experience trust, intimacy, and love. Whether you need to heal from a breakup, make your existing relationship better, or find new love, I am here to set you up for success so that you can create the relationship life that you truly desire. I have spent more than 2000 hours during the last two years alone coaching people successfully in their relationship life and training other Coaches to become great Master Coaches.

Meet James

Eke Comfort

Relationship/Life Coach

Results-driven, and passionate about seeing others achieve their goals, Comfort possesses a solid background in matchmaking and human resources. rst-hand the challenges many of her clients face. Her areas of expertise include dating strategies for any age and stage, breakups, getting back with an ex, moving on, communication, and forgiveness. Her drive is to help you pick and stick with the right partner, let go of draining situations, and find happiness! Her happiness is helping clients value themselves and honor their relationships—it’s a win-win!

Meet Comfort

Roland Ekefre

Relationship/Life Coach

Roland is endlessly intrigued by each individual's unique way of creating meaning in their lives, and dedicated to helping his clients build meaningful relationships that enrich their personal journey. Roland has spent years developing his ability to calmly analyze and emphasize with each situation his clients present to him, allowing him to de-escalate even the most overwhelming ones. A true romantic, he is in love with the pursuit of love, whether that be romantic love or self love, and works to make sure his clients are giving and receiving a love that is passionate and whole

Meet Roland

Marilyn E.

Relationship/Marriage Therapist

Marilyn uses the wealth of knowledge she possesses regarding human emotion and behavior to provide compassionate advice backed up by logic. Her personal experience with toxic relationships has allowed her to have an empathetic perspective to her clients as they work through overcoming abuse, cheating and trust issues. The go-to for relationship advice amongst her friends and family, Marilyn is excited to be able to expand her research to help clients all over the world with happier and healthier relationships.

Meet Marilyn

Efetobore Anita

Relationship/Marriage Therapist

Anita has spent the last few years coaching others to overcome their most challenging relationship problems. Anita’s range of specialities is diverse: from couples/marriage, codependency recovery, trauma, narcissistic recovery, ADHD in relationships, break up recovery as well as divorce/break up prevention.

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