At Hisparadise Therapy, we believe in providing high-quality therapy services that are accessible to all individuals seeking support and healing. We offer competitive pricing options to ensure that our services are affordable and fit within your budget. Below is our price list for therapy sessions:

1. 40 minutes Relationship/life Consultation (N10,000) (online session)

2. A 2-days Relationship/life Coaching session (Individual-N26,000) (Couples- N40,000) – 1hour 30mins per session

3. A 5-days Relationship/life Coaching session (Individual-N65,000) (Couples- N85,000)- 2hours per session

4. A 10-days Relationship/life Coaching (Individual-N120,000) (Couples- N150,000) – 2hours per session

5. A 20-days Relationship/life Coaching (PREMIUM) (Individual-N200,000) (Couples- N300,000) – 2hours per session (Free 3days therapy session)

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Price List
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