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Success Stories

Here, we share inspiring and transformative journeys of our clients who have experienced significant breakthroughs and growth in various areas of their lives. From conquering anxiety and healing from trauma, to overcoming addiction and finding joy in life again, our clients have demonstrated immense resilience and determination.

I have been struggling with anxiety for years, so I decided to seek help from HisParadise Therapy. Through regular therapy sessions, I learned coping mechanisms, such as deep breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques. I gradually gained control over my anxiety and was able to live a more peaceful and fulfilling life. 

Mrs Johnson Chinye

Michael had experienced a traumatic event in his past that left him emotionally scarred. HisParadise Therapy provided a safe space for him to share his experiences and work through his trauma. With the guidance of his therapist, Michael gradually healed his emotional wounds, regained his self-confidence, and started believing in himself again. Today, Michael is living a joyful life and is an advocate for trauma survivors.

Michael Adam

Emily always found it difficult to form and maintain healthy relationships with others. Through counseling at HisParadise Therapy, Emily learned about boundaries, effective communication, and the importance of self-care. Armed with this knowledge, Emily transformed her relationships and developed strong, authentic connections with people in her life. She now cherishes the loving and supportive relationships she has built and inspires others to do the same.

Emily Jonah

David struggled with addiction for years and hit rock bottom when he lost his job and his family. Determined to turn his life around, he sought help from HisParadise Therapy. Through a combination of therapy, support groups, and a personalized treatment plan, David successfully overcame his addiction. He now lives a sober life, has rebuilt his relationships, and works as a mentor for others struggling with addiction.

David Eze

Sarah, a high-achieving professional, found herself constantly overwhelmed and burnt out. Seeking balance and inner peace, she enrolled in HisParadise Therapy. Through therapy sessions, Sarah learned effective stress management techniques, setting boundaries, and prioritizing self-care. As a result, she regained her passion for her career and achieved a healthy work-life balance. Sarah’s story motivated many others to prioritize self-care and prioritize their mental well-being.

Sarah Ekanam

Olivia lost her spouse suddenly and felt overwhelmed by grief. She turned to HisParadise Therapy for support during this challenging time. Through therapy, Olivia was able to navigate through the stages of grief and find healthy ways to honor her spouse’s memory while moving forward with her life. Today, Olivia serves as a beacon of strength and support for others going through similar experiences.

Mrs Olivia Oyewole

Lily faced the challenges of managing a chronic illness on a daily basis. The physical and emotional toll it took on her was overwhelming. Seeking support, she turned to HisParadise Therapy. Through therapy, Lily learned to navigate her emotions, manage pain effectively, and find a sense of control in her life. With the tools she gained from therapy, Lily was able to embrace her chronic illness and live a fulfilling and meaningful life, serving as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges.

Lily Lilian

Uwem lived with a crippling fear of heights that prevented him from fully enjoying life. To overcome his phobia, Uwem sought exposure therapy at HisParadise Therapy. With the support and guidance of his therapist, Uwem gradually faced his fear and conquered it step by step. Today, Uwem enjoys activities like rock climbing and hiking, empowering others to confront their fears and live life to the fullest.


Natalie found herself feeling overwhelmed and unsure of her parenting abilities. Seeking guidance, she enrolled in parenting therapy at HisParadise Therapy. Through therapy, Natalie gained valuable insights into effective communication, positive discipline techniques, and building healthy relationships with her children. Natalie’s success story is a testament to the transformative power of parenting therapy and has inspired numerous parents to seek help and develop nurturing relationships with their children.